Friday Favorites | No. 18

Friday, August 1, 2014

Happy August 1st and Friday!

(Wow. How is it already August!?)

Time seems to be moving faster now a days and I am making sure that I make the most out of every day! Moving across the country less than a month and a half ago sure has had some major impacts on my life, but I am so excited to see what the rest of this year and the years ahead have in store for me. I am a firm believer that everything every happens for a reason. This move and transition has gone so smooth and everything keeps falling into place. I feel very blessed.

This past week was pretty great:

Saturday I worked the Malibu Arts Festival for work and had some amazing chicken tacos. Mexican cuisine is my favorite and it was seriously lacking in Miami. Now that I am back in California any time there is Mexican food as an option, it is a sure bet that I will pick that over anything else!  These tacos did not disappoint!

My "free" weekends are becoming limited now that the school year will be starting within the next couple of weeks, so on Sunday I took the opportunity to go out to brunch with some friends at Duke's Malibu.  The view wasn't half bad, nor were the mimosas ;)

Tuesday was officially moving day! I was so excited and it felt pretty amazing to hold the keys to my new place after weeks of waiting.

In Miami it was always wayyyy to humid to eat lunch outside, but here in Malibu the weather is just picture perfect and I have really enjoyed eating lunch with an amazing view.

My friend and co-worker, Adi, helped me move a box spring into my place last night. After we were finished I invited her and her husband to grab some pizza.  They took me to this place called Pizza Rev. The concept is like Subway, but with pizza. You pick your dough, then add the sauce of your choice and top the pizza off with over 30 plus ingredients. It then gets put into a stone fire oven to bake and comes out looking like this!

This weekend I will spend Saturday morning at work, but the rest of my time will be spent organizing my new place. Hope you all have a great weekend and spend it doing something you really enjoy!
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