Friday Favorites | No. 13

Friday, April 18, 2014

So here we are again...

Can you believe its Friday already? I sure can't. This week flew by and I'm not sure why, as it was a pretty uneventful on my end. But I guess uneventful is a good thing sometimes. I am sure come August with the start of school and football season, I will be wishing my weeks were uneventful!

Here is a look back at my top five (small) moments of the week:

1. With Easter coming up on Sunday, I have been busy this week planning our family brunch with my mom and cannot wait to make and photograph all of our appetizers, sides, main dishes and dessert! What will you all be up to for the holiday?

2. I had a lot of fun adding a little flair to my favorite holiday candy Peeps on Tuesday.

3. I went and did a little shopping on Wednesday for an upcoming baby shower I am attending. I found out that anything in baby size (i.e. socks, outfits, hats) is just absolutely adorable and I wanted to buy the whole store!

4. I found this watermelon mojito recipe from Martha Stewart yesterday. Just sounds like summer in a glass and I cannot wait to try it out tomorrow!

5. I have finally had time this week to catch up on a lot of recorded TV shows that were on my DVR....its the little things that make me happy!

Hope you all have a great weekend and a Happy Easter!


  1. oh my gosh that Mojito looks delish!! I might have to try it once the weather warms up around here!

    1. I know! I will do a post on it very soon :)


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