My happy place - the kitchen

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Here is a peek into my happy place, the kitchen!  Since I live in a studio it is on the smaller side, but for how much time I actually spend at home due to my career in college athletics, its the perfect fit for me right now.

The nook in my kitchen is my favorite.  It is where I keep all of my flour, sugar and salt jars (my mom made labels for and I love them) and this is also the spot where I keep French press coffee maker and coffee tin...a staple in my morning routine!

My beloved KitchenAid mixer fits in perfectly next to the stove and fridge.

I found this cute piece artwork at HomeGoods a few years ago and knew that someday I would find a place to hang it.  It now is in my kitchen above the sink and fits in perfectly with my white, pink and black color scheme.

Just like the piece of artwork pictured above, I found this bulletin board at HomeGoods a few years ago and it was just too cute to pass up.  It now is the perfect spot for my apron, a place to show off cards from family and friends and holds my shopping list!

That's it folks!  My kitchen is small, but mighty and get the job done.  I hope you enjoyed getting a peak of where all the magic happens for Sunflour Cottage Creations  :)

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