Three Ways to Accessorize Your Handbag With Scarfs

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

A classic scarf can add a dose of color and polish to any look.  Scarfs are also such an easy way to dress up a neutral colored purse any time of year.

Here are three ways I accessorize with scarfs on my handbags to add a little pizzaz and personality!

The Perfect Bow - bows are my favorite embellishment and I love how they add the perfect amount of preppiness to any look!

The Classic Knot - simple and easy, this classic knot hangs effortlessly down the side of any sized handbag and adds a fun, happy-go-lucky feel.

The Twist - this one takes a little more effort to do, but I love how it completely changes the look of the handbag.  Depending on the size of the handle, the "twist" can lay completely flat or have more texture (as pictured).

Scarf // Handbag

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