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Thursday, May 2, 2019

Target is my kryptonite.  Anyone else with me on that???  I think if I was forced to shop only at one store for the rest of my life, it would have to be Target.  They just always have such great items at great prices and always have something new and exciting that catches my eye when I shop there.

I tell myself to stick to my list when I go shopping, but without fail a couple of "want" items always seem to end up in my cart.  #oops! :)  I thought it would be fun to share some of my recent finds from Target with you all and see if you have picked up any of these items as well.

I instantly fell in love with these yellow high-rise seersucker tie chino shorts when I was paroozing the women's clothing section last weekend.  The yellow pattern just makes me so excited for warmer temps and the bow tie around the waist is just too cute and makes my preppy heart so happy.  And you can't beat the price of $22.99!

I love fun earrings, especially for spring and summer and found these adorable SUGARFIX by BaubleBar whimsical resin hoop earrings last weekend and cannot wait to wear them.  They are super lightweight and I thought the white was a nice neutral that would go with a lot of different items in my closet.  I did see online that they also come in a pretty tortoise shell so those might have to be added to my collection as well!

A lot of bloggers that I follow have started their own book clubs recently or are posting about their favorite books and it has really inspired me to get going on one of my goals for 2019 which is to read more.  One of my best friends Colleen who runs the blog This Modern Broad has great taste in books and does a book club about once a month.  Its super fun to see what she is reading and I have a lot of books on my to read list from her!

I really enjoy reading and it was one of my favorite things to do growing up.  I would always read before bed and it helped relax my mind and ease me into sleep.  But I think during college I got away from reading books for pleasure because there was so much required reading that had to be done for my classes.

So to get going on my goal, I picked up this fun rom-com read at Target (I am a sucker for cute covers) and am really enjoying it so far and am falling in love with reading again!  If you are looking for a fun pool/beach read for this summer, look no further.  Also, it was on Reese Witherspoon's Book Club list so I knew it had to be a winner.

What are some of your recent Target finds that you are loving right now?  Let me know in the comments!

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