Birthday Surprise!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Aunt's Debbie's Birthday was on the 6th and I thought it would be really special to send her some cookies for a little birthday treat.  I was inspired by Sweet Sugar Belle when I saw her "Owl Always Love You" post about owl cookies.  My Aunt loves owls and I knew instantly that this is what I had to make and give to her!

I started out just baking my cookies and letting them dry over night.  Then I outlined and flooded in a light pink/peach color and let dry.  What makes these cookies so special to me is the fact they have brush embroidery around the eyes.  This was my first time doing brush embroidery and it took a little bit of practice, but I loved the results in the end and can not wait until I can use this technique again!

Once I was done with all the embroidery, I added the eyes that I had done the night before and attached them with a little bit of royal icing in the center.

WHOOOO are you looking at!
To finish them off I piped on eye brows, noses, and tuffs of feathers to each cookie.  I loved how they turned out and the best part is that the cookies made it all the way to Illinois and not a single one broke!  Now that is success in my book!

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