Heart Attack!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

It's a day late, but Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  Here is a quick post to show off some of the Valentine's Day cookies that I created for a few clients this past week. 

I got my idea for the first set of cookies that I did for Valentine's Day from these adorable stencil cookies!  They were so simple and easy, but produced amazing results in the end.  I did make the mistake of baking and flooding my cookies the same day and ended up with crystallized royal icing...yuck!  So it was back to square one of baking, waiting a day, then flooding.  Once dry, pipe any type of pattern or design that you would like onto the cookie! 

Ready to be shipped!

The next set of cookies I did for Valentine's Day were for a little girl.  Her mom wanted to do cookies instead of the usual Valentine's Day cards to hand out to her classmates.  I came up with a few ideas that I thought would be adorable that also involved my heart shaped cookie cutter.  I came up with "Love Bug" ladybugs and "You're Dino-Mite!" dinosaurs.

For the "Dino-mite" cookies I was able to use my edible food printer and icing sheets to created the smaller cookie attached to the dinosaurs.  Not only did they look great, but it sure saved a lot of time since I did not have to hand pipe that on each of the 20 cookies!  Using my edible food marker in black I outlined in little dash marks to finish off the lady bugs and I think that it was the perfect touch!

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