Friday Favorites - Birthday Edition

Friday, January 10, 2014

What up!  It has sure been a while, but with it being a new year and a clean slate I thought it was the perfect time to start blogging again.  Today I turn 26 and I feel really good about it!  I am in such a happy place with my career and life right now and cant wait to see what this year has in store for me!   Today I am linking up with one of my favorite bloggers Lauren and sharing my top five moments of the week.

1.  I am so in love with my new wiener dog scarf that my boyfriend Tim gave as an early birthday gift.   It arrived just in time for the "chilly" (and by chilly I mean in the low 50's) weather we had down here in Miami.

2.  I started back up at The Bar Method and was exhausting, yet energizing at the same time.  I am so happy to be able to get back to my normal workout routine now that the holiday season is over!  (Plus I got a pair of free socks for my birthday!!!!)  If you have not heard of the Bar Method, it's time you checked it out.  You will spend 60 minutes tucking, shaking, stretching and leave the class wanting to come back immediately! 

3.  Crafting is something that I really enjoy doing, but have not had a lot of time to do so in the past couple of months.  Exploring on Instagram and Pinterest I have seen a lot of shops selling tissue paper tassel garlands for $30 and up to $60 each.  Not willing to spend that much money on tissue paper (I mean its tissue paper), I decided to give making one a shot on Saturday night.  It was so easy and I ended up with an adorable pink, white and gold tassel garland for my new office at work and all for under $10.  Happy Birthday to me!

4.  I received my annual email from Starbucks letting me know that my free birthday drink or food item was available starting today.  On my way to work, I stopped in and picked up a grande caramel macchiato and received a little message on my cup that helped start my birthday off on a great foot!  p.s. you can see the finished tassel garland I have up in my office in the background. 

5.  Its the small things...but Google's search page today had birthday cake theme.  I went to see what it was about and "Happy Birthday Katie!" popped up!  It was a pretty cool little surprise and I definitely was not expecting.  Technology is a pretty cool thing :)

Also, my mom is pretty amazing.  She has made my birthday cake every year and it is something that I always look forward to.  This year she surprised me with my favorite flavor raspberry and made a multi-layer vanilla raspberry cake...yumm is all that I can say!

So that is it!  My top 5 or I guess 6 from this week leading up to my birthday today!  How has your week been?

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