Friday Favorites | No. 3

Friday, January 24, 2014

Happy Friday!  It's been a good week and didn't hurt that is was only a 4-day work week at that!  Now a look back at my five favorite moments from this week.

1. Winter finally made an appearance in South Florida.  And by winter, I mean temperatures lower than 75 degrees.  I have been able to wear scarfs to actually keep me warm and not just for fashion purposes.  I have really enjoyed it. 

2. On Sunday afternoon, my mom and I went for an awesome bike ride at Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park on Key Biscayne.  The weather was simply amazing and we explored the island on beach cruisers along one of their bike trails.  It was a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

3. Sunflowers are my ultimate favorite and Tim bought me a bunch to go in my new crystal vase that I received from my grandparents as a birthday gift.  

4.  This sunset on Tuesday just made me happy.

5. A few months ago someone hit my car in a little fender-bender and had to send my car in for a repair this last week.  I was given a rental car to use and it was nice, but got my car back yesterday and man did I miss Henry! (That's my car's name.  Does anyone else name their cars!?) It just makes me happy to have him back and looking brand spanking new!

How was your week?

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