Friday Favorites | No. 6

Friday, February 28, 2014

Well folks, its that time again. I honestly have no idea first off, where the month of February has gone. Secondly, I have no idea how it is Friday because yesterday felt like Tuesday. I guess that happens when you have been working 7 days a week for the past 5 weeks. Days go by fast and months goes by even faster. Well it's time to slow things down for a little and recap my whirlwind of we a week.

1. This past Saturday was a crazy, but fun day at work. There were 6 events going on and before all the madness started I was able to capture this photos from our new softball stadium. It was an absolutely beautiful day in Miami.

2. I have decided to take full advantage of working in college athletics and am now working out before work at the football stadium. Lately my schedule has not allow me to exercise after work and so early mornings are the best time. On Tuesday I was up before the sun at the stadium running stairs and halfway through the sun finally came up to start its day!

3. I had a cookie order this week for a tea party themed birthday. I made small teapots and used the stenciling technique for the first time. WOW! I am such a fan of this and want to stencil everything now! They turned out great and be on the look out for a post coming your way next week about them.

4. I have been feeling like Michelangelo painting the Sistine Chapel this past week as have been helping my mom paint her family room and kitchen. We are almost done, but still have a small area of the kitchen left to do. However, the family room is done and looks great!

5. Lastly, come Sunday afternoon I will be on my way to a mini-vacay in Hilton Head, SC to watch Tim's sister play in a tennis tournament. Pretty much I am leaving college athletics to attend a college athletics event lol. Well all I can say is that I am just glad that I will not be working it and I can actually enjoy it as a fan! Also, I heard there is a Kate Spade outlet close by so that will definitely be on my list of things to do while I am there!

Hope you all had a great week and have a relaxing and fun weekend!


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