Friday Favorites | No. 10

Friday, March 28, 2014

This week has not been the greatest, but I am glad that it is Friday none the less! I got a pretty bad sunburn practically all over my body on Tuesday, woke up sick on Wednesday and have been "radiating" and sniffling since then. Besides those two not so fun things, here are my top five moments of the week:

1. On Sunday afternoon when I was shopping at Target, I found these adorable Jet Puff Bunny Mallows. Be sure to check the blog tomorrow as these little guys will be making an appearance in a family favorite recipe!

2. I picked up this little four leaf clover necklace over the weekend and I am really loving simple and delicate jewelry right now over large statement pieces.

3. Tuesday was the sand volleyball home opener tournament and the team did great defeating the competition! I am so thankful I have a job where I am not always suck behind my computer and can go outside to enjoy some great weather and great volleyball. That great weather also gave me a great sunburn (this photo was taken before I  officially became a lobster).

4. I completed this cookie order for a bowling birthday party and I think the balls and pins turned out absolutely adorable...if I do say so myself!

5. I got sucked into the evil vortex of Netflix/Hulu again last night and am now addicted to the show Revenge (I watched 6 episodes in a row). I am late again on this bandwagon I know, but I guess its better late than never!

Hope everyone had a great week and hopefully, an even better weekend!


  1. 1. I can't believe I didn't see those mallows at Target last night when I was there! Guess I will just have to make another trip before Easter!! ;) 2. I LOOOVE that necklace! 4. Those cookies are SO adorable! I love them!!
    Loving the blog girlfriend! Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks Beav!! I am having a lot of fun doing it :D


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