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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Do you ever feel like you overpack for trips or end up forgetting things that you really need?  Well, I sure do and to be honest, packing has never been one of my strong suits.  Most of the time my impulse is to pack my entire closet because I like to have options and can't make decisions...anyone else out there with me on this!?  Thoughts like "What if it snows?" or "I should bring shorts in case there is a heatwave in Alaska!" happen and the next thing I know my suitcase weighs a million pounds and I can't even remember what is in it.

But since I started using a physical packing checklist for trips instead of my mental checklist, I have found that I am able to plan and pack the appropriate amount of outfits and accessories, I don't end up bringing frivolous items "just because" and don't forget important items that I will need on my trip!

My packing checklist is pretty general and some of the items you may find will not pertain to a particular trip, but overall it is a great checklist that covers multiple areas that might get overlooked when preparing for your travels.

I am off on a two-week vacation to England and Scotland in a week and will be using this checklist when I start packing over the weekend.  A swimsuit and coverup are not items that I am going to use so I will scratch those off my list for this vacation, but I will be sure to bring a heavy weatherproof jacket, scarf, and rainboots for exploring the Highlands in Scotland!

For desktop download, click the image above, then right-click and choose "Save Image As."

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